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I’m So Excited, I’m Shutting My Mouth

Ever since watching this mini-TED Talk awhile back, I’ve been very aware of the phenomenon of choosing to tell or not tell people my ideas, plans, and goals. But it can be hard when I’m excited about new projects! Since I’m not wanting to dissipate the energy or motivation, instead I’ll watch the video again.

Posted in writing by a. raymond johnson on April 14th, 2011 at 3:59 pm.


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  1. hsofia May 12th 2011

    I wonder if there have been studies shown to suggest whether writing about (via journal or some other method of telling oneself) ones goals has a similar effect, no effect, or the opposite effect?

  2. a. raymond johnson May 12th 2011

    journalling seems like a totally different act to me, because there is no feedback or positive reinforcement from an outside person, which is critical to the phenomenon he is describing that dissipates our motivational energy. writing it out seems more like how we plan and self-motivate – also interesting, but a different step in the process.

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