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I Shouldn’t Have Left You.

It’s been a long time. I always stop writing when big life changes happen, and such has been the case with: moving into a new home over the summer, adjusting to living with someone new, dealing with dying pets, being very broke and demoralized about work for many, many months, and then deciding to go back to school and several work opportunities pop up simultaneously and suddenly I have work, a vision, a plan, and the balls are rolling and I’m running on top of them. And it feels pretty good.

For a few months I was a weekly karaoke host at a neighborhood bar. I met some great strangers, learned a great deal, and it was fun. I’ll miss it, but I’m also planning to do it again, so I don’t feel too sad about it either. I’m working 4 other part-time jobs, and the unifying factor in them all is that I’m working for small businesses/entrepreneurs, and I think this is something I really like about it, I’m learning so much behind-the-scenes in that capacity, which is good since at some point in the near future after moving to Asheville (oh yeah, I’m moving to North Carolina at the end of 2012) I will mostly likely be opening my own shop, as a shiatsuist. Oh yeah, I’m in shiatsu school now.

So what about writing? I write every day, mostly e-mail correspondence between business parties and marketing copy, but I dig it, because of who I’m working for. Despite having a lot of time when underemployed, I was too stressed and depressed to make much good use of it. I am prone to inertia in both forms – once in motion, I like remaining in that state, so I tend to like alternating busy-busy times with resting times. ¬†As for my personal writing, I hope to find my way back to it soon, now that I’m working again. There is a novel I’m ready to revisit, a poem I’ve had in my head for weeks, and a book proposal to draft. But I must say, I don’t especially miss pop culture blogging. It is so luxurious to watch TV and movies solely for my pleasure. But for the record, over the summer I fell in love with Suits, I’m a little obsessed with American Horror Story (I’ll never quit you, Connie Britton), and after getting taken in by Mentalist reruns, I’ve started watching that show from the beginning. And of course, my long time friend, Dancing With the Stars, which is starting shortly, as a matter of fact.

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  1. hsofia Nov 15th 2011

    Welcome back!

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