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let me be your Cyrano

Writing can be hard. If it’s personal, emotional, or just strategically complicated, it can be difficult and time-consuming to word it properly in a way that accurately communicates your intention. This is when you hire a professional. A writer!

I’ve helped people: ask their crushes on dates, ghostwritten memoir chapters, edit novels and short stories, create artist statements and bios, fill out dating profiles, and draft coming-out letters to family. I know how to effectively write blog posts, text messages, end-of-year employment evaluations, and break-up letters. I am not an attorney, but I’ve worked with them enough to write professional, strongly-worded, vaguely threatening correspondence. Previous letters of mine have removed false rental car charges, gotten security deposits returned, and even kept creepy ex-boyfriends from continually contacting. I am an experienced researcher, I’m sensitive to personal and confidential situations, and I quickly digest information and jargon.

My hourly rate is $50, and the majority of these projects require 30-60 minutes. I’m willing to tackle most writing challenges, no matter how difficult or esoteric. Try me!  Here’s my contact form.

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